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     A roaming robot, only 8 inches tall but full of personality.  For simplicity and robustness Roam-E is constructed out of a minimum number of parts- 4 servo motors, 2 treads, a speaker, ultrasonic distance sensor, batteries, and circuit board (plus funky hair).  The brains consist of a microcontroller and behavior emerges (not always intentionally) from subtleties in Roam-E's programming.  In idle mode they sit mostly still with some looking around and vocalization.  In roaming mode they will head off in one direction until detecting an obstacle or severe dropoff, then reorient themselves until they are able to continue onward.  And in dance mode, they just rock out!  Roam-E's are more adorable in groups where they will chatter more and interact with each other, sometimes courteously, sometimes not.

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