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Much Ado About Nothing - Graphic-Web-Scenic Design & Construction

     Designed and built for San Francisco Shakespeare Festival's 2022 production of Much Ado About Nothing.  Featuring two large and askew walls, each measuring 28' x 16', with hand-painted murals featuring SF-flavored tarot elements.  The sun and moon represent the masculine and feminine duality, and tie into the themes of the play.

Catwalks on the rear of both walls allow action to take place from an elevated location as well.

Built into the rear of the walls are 10 personal changing booths to accommodate the cast when not onstage.

Due to the challenges of traveling outdoor theater, all components are designed and built to withstand the elements, vandalism, and unattended children, while providing a safe and inspiring home and stage for actors and crew as well as being easy to dis/assemble and transport.

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