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     Yes, it's safe, wink wink :)  The F452 features a brass-plated finish, carved wooden grips, adjustable aperture, and the ability to cook gourmet meals in under 45 seconds!  It's fueled by propane and can be connected via hose to a small tank in a backpack, or a small standard camping cylinder of propane can be clipped in to the bottom of the grip for greater portability.  This unit can produce varying types of flame with the user adjusting the nozzle on the fly- hotter, forceful blue flames with a narrow aperture, or big, yellow, concussive fireballs with a wide aperture.  What's it good for?  Well, aside from the obvious uses in landscaping and homeland security, the F452 also serves as a fine culinary tool. The adjustable flame helps tune in the right temperature for grilling thin steaks, searing tuna, roasting vegetables, making s'mores, and all manner of delicious flambé desserts.  And with its fine wood and brass finish, anyone would be proud to use the F452 at their next dinner party.

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