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Cymbeline - Graphic-Web-Scenic Design & Construction

     Designed and built for San Francisco Shakespeare Festival's 2023 production of Cymbeline. 

Graphics inspired by a 1980's synth-rock /sci-fi fantasy motif.  Set inspired by the white cliffs of Dover with the refinement of the British court on one side blending into the overgrown wilderness of Wales on the other side. 

The set features various contraptions including a concealed cave, hidden drop-down bed, and pillar tops that rotate open to create acting space on top of the set.

From the backstage side, each of the 11 pillars serves double-duty as a changing booth for one cast member.

Due to the challenges of traveling outdoor theater, all components are designed and built to withstand the elements, vandalism, and unattended children, while providing a safe and inspiring home and stage for actors and crew as well as being easy to dis/assemble and transport.

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