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     Developed in response to pandemic restrictions of 2020, the Unified Virtual Space method enabled production of the world's first live online theatrical performance with more than a dozen remote actors inhabiting a fully-shared virtual space.  Actors receive green screen, lighting, and audio equipment, and rehearse and perform exclusively in their own homes.  Their Zoom feeds are compiled remotely in real-time with scenic backgrounds, soundtrack, and video, and streamed live across the world.  Performances can also be recorded for later broadcast or post-production. 

     Unlike methods where performers are each trapped in their own box, in UVS they inhabit a shared space onscreen and as such can interact in more lifelike ways.  This requires extreme precision and skill from the performers who can't see their scene partners and must rely on hearing and precisely rehearsed timing and placement.  UVS allows them to do this with a manageable in-home studio setup (no technician needed) and provides methods for "physical" contact and even choreography, while also opening the door to more cinematic treatments of live performance.

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